The greater Himalayas are the gift of nature by God to the mankind. We are lucky that we can explore the Himalayan Range. Trust me there’s nothing more wonderful and beautiful than the Himalayas. Once you visit there, you will not want to leave that place and come back. The stunning backdrop and picturesque view of the greater Himalayas will leave you awestruck. The view that it offers to the viewers is jaw dropping. And the best way to explore the Himalayas is trekking. I would like to introduce you to few of the popular treks of Himalayas. Few Treks

Trekking in Himalayas Trekking in Himalayas offers many benefits.The word Himalayas is basically originated from Sanskrit which means “abode of snow”. ‘Hima’ means ‘snow’ and ‘alaya’ means ‘abode’.Himalayan mountains extend about 2400 km through Kashmir, Northern India, Southern Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. World’s ten highest peaks are situated in the Himalayas. It is the home to number of people, regions, animal, endangered species, birds, etc. Himalayan Range is a trekking destination for many people from all around the world. Himalayas stretches from the Indus River in Pakistan through India, Nepal, Bhutan and ending at the Bhramaputra River in India. Now

AULI Nestled in the lap of snow-capped peaks of Garhwal Himalayas, Auli offers enlivening views to its visitors. Situated in the Chamoli district of Uttrakhand, its considered as one of the top skiing destination in India. Auli Bugyal (meadow in local language) is located at an elevation of 2519 to 3050 meters above the sea level.The slopes offers a substantial amount of thrill to the adventurous skiers. Auli Photo Credits: Joginder Pathak/Flickr AULI ROPEWAY The motorable road from Joshmath to Auli is closed during winters (December – March) due to heavy snowfall. The most popular way to drop in at Auli during winters is

Auli is a small town located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state of Northern India. This town lies in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand in the laps of the Himalayan Range. It is located at an elevation of 3,049 meters above the sea level. The surroundings of this place make it even more beautiful. And this place comes alive during winters when it is covered with snow all over the area. Auli is also known as Auli Bugyal, ‘bugyal’ refers to the alpine meadows situated at high elevations. When we talk about Auli tourism there are various places that

The small beautiful town located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand is a ski destination. This beautiful town Auli is famous all over India for being one of the best skiing destinations. Not only in India but it is also well known among the foreigners. Tourists from other countries as well visit Auli to experience the skiing. This place comes alive during winters when it is covered with snow all around. During winters Auli seems to look like covered with a white blanket of snow. Snow enhances the beauty of this place. And the snow covered steep slopes makes Auli

Auli is a small beautiful town located in the north Indian state Uttarakhand. It is also known as the skiing destination. As the adventuress steep slopes of Himalayas makes it an ideal place for skiing. During winters Auli is covered with snow and looks awfully stunning. This town lies on the laps of the Himalayan Range of Garhwal region. Every year thousands of tourists visit this place. Apart from being a ski destination, it is also a honeymoon destination. The weather and the surroundings of this place make it a romantic location. Thus, couples get attracted to this place to

Chadar Trek also called the frozen lake trek lies in the Zanskar region of Ladakh. This is a winter trek. Obviously it can only be done in winters, because the lake can only freeze in winters due to chilly cold winds. The trail is located in the Ladakh region of the most beautiful state of India Jammu and Kashmir. Everyone is aware of the natural beauty and stunning sights of Jammu and Kashmir. While trekking the Chadar trek trail one gets to see the magnificent views of the mighty Himalayas. Chadar trek is situated at an elevation of 11,123 ft.

New Tehri is a district of Uttarakhand state of northern part of India. This beautiful district is surrounded by Himalayan Range and gives picturesque views to the tourists. The old Tehri got submerged due to the construction of the Tehri dam. The entire population was then shifted to New Tehri. During the construction of the Tehri dam an artificial lake was created. This lake came into existence when the water of Bhagirathi River was diverted to fill up the dam reservoir. Ever since then, the lake has become very popular among tourists and is now a famous tourist destination as

Everyone is aware of the enthralling natural beauty and also thrilling, adventuress destination of the Himachal Pradesh. It is also famous for the number of stunning trek routes. Trek trails leading to Himalayan Range or the trails offering the breath taking views of the greater Himalayas. The surroundings of this region and the popular trek routes also attracts tourist to Himachal Pradesh. One of the most beautiful and popular trek of this region is Indrahar Pass trek. Indrahar Pass trek is exactly located in Dhar Alangari in the Himachal Pradesh state. It lies at an elevation of 4,324 ft. above

Northern India is famous for the various tourist destinations. And the treks of North India are loved by tousrists. Trekkers in large number visit northern India to experience trekking. Treks like Everest Base Camp, Pangarchulla Trek, Gangotri Glacier Trek, Pin Parvati Valley Trek are the major attraction for trekkers. Treks Of North India Pangarchulla Peak Trek Pangarchulla Peak Trek lies in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Trekking to Pangarchulla peak offers you with the snow covered mountains, a Ridge and beautiful alpine meadows. The difficult level is moderate and gradually gets difficult with ascent trail. You will also get to