Auli Snow Skiing
Auli Snow Skiing

Auli Snow Skiing is a part Himalayan Adventure Sports.

Auli is a beautiful city existing in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state. It is a state in the northern part of India. Auli is mainly famous all around the world for being the popular skiing destination. It is located near the holy pilgrimage of  Badrinath Temple. Auli is situated at a height of 2500 meters to 3050 meters above the sea level. Auli is surrounded by amazing dense coniferous and oak forests with the stunning views of the Himalayan Range of the Garhwal region. The Government of the region conducts winter sports here to encourage and support skiing in India. Auli snow skiing is loved by the tourists.

Auli Skiing
Snow Skking in Auli

World Famous Auli Snow Skiing

Auli is a famous skiing destination all over the world. Competition on a big level is conducted here, therefore, it results into more and more tourist.   Auli is also a honeymoon destination for newly wed couples. People choose this place for the natural environment and the mesmerizing view of the magnificent Himalayas Range. The slopes of Auli are meant for both the professional skiers as well as new comers. Auli is mostly covered with snow which makes it the best destination for skiing. Skiing training courses are also available in modules of seven and fourteen days in Auli. So if you are a beginner you can take training before experiencing skiing.

Auli snow skiing

Accommodation in Auli

Accommodation in Auli is also quite impressive, resorts and hotels are available for the tourists. And skiing can be done in any kind of weather. Once you go and experience skiing in Auli, you will never forget this wonderful experience throughout your life. Uttarakhand Tourism Department conducts winter sports in Auli, Skiing competition is one of the popular games out of all that are conducted. These competitions attract adventure seekers as well as adventure lovers. People from all across the world visit Auli during the competition either to participate in the competition or to enjoy the competition.

The stunning views of Auli will leave you awestruck. Because you would wanna go there again and again. The Skiing destination of Auli is developing as a tourist spot in Uttarakhand. People are loving this place and wish to visit here. Auli is on the top of the wishlist of the skiers or people who love skiing. Not only in India but everywhere else too.

Snow skiing
Snow skiing

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[…] of all the famous place for skiing in Uttarakhand as well as in India is Auli. Auli is the most popular destination for skiing not only in Uttarakhand but all over India. This place is […]
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[…] is small town in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state. It is also a skiing destination for skiers from all around the world. The steep slopes of the Himalayas makes Auli an ideal […]
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[…] Auli is a small beautiful town located in the north Indian state Uttarakhand. It is also known as the skiing destination. As the adventuress steep slopes of Himalayas makes it an ideal place for skiing. During winters Auli is covered with snow and looks awfully stunning. This town lies on the laps of the Himalayan Range of Garhwal region. Every year thousands of tourists visit this place. Apart from being a ski destination, it is also a honeymoon destination. The weather and the surroundings of this place make it a romantic location. Thus, couples get attracted to this place to spend some quality time with loved ones. I will give you not just one but many reasons why should you visit Auli. […]

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